Features of LostandFoundSite.com

LostandFoundSite.com uses exclusive algorithms to search for your lost item

Exclusive Algorithm

Our priority algorithm allows for systematic and accurate searching of your item in our database of hundreds of thousands of lost items.

LostandFoundSite.com will assist you with the recovery of your lost item

Your Reliable Partner

We are the facilitator between you and the establishment at which you lost your item. Allow us to assist you with the recovery of your lost item and have it shipped to you immediately. Think of us as your concierge.

By using LostandFoundSite.com you can save yourself time and hassell in recovering your lost item

Your Time is Valuable

We cut down on recovery time for you and the establishment by using our network of partners to quickly return lost items. No more phone calls, voice mails, or playing phone tag with the hotel. Allow us to facilitate returning your item to you hassle free

LostandFoundSite.com uses the most upto date security measures to protect your information

Your Information Is Secure

In this day and age, we understand your concern about giving out your credit card information over the phone. Our website's security measures are unsurpassed, protecting your personal information (name, address, item, credit card information, etc.) to the highest extent possible. Recover your item with the peace of mind that your information is safe with us.